A husband and wife team of former architects now designing “invitation architecture”, greeting cards, and all kinds of paper awesomeness.

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“Form follows function” – Louis Sullivan

Our invitations are practical, logical, and approachable. All paper and embellishments have their purpose and place.


  • Spilled Ink Press is located in
  • Shop 1021 at 2650 N. Milwaukee in the
  • Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago -
  • a block from the Logan Square
  • Blue Line L stop, a few doors down
  • from Intelligentsia Coffee,
  • and next door to the giant
  • LOGAN Theatre sign.
  • Follow the smell of popcorn and coffee,
  • stay for a while and shop for unique
  • gifts and treats and enjoy our
  • greeting cards and wall-o-invitations
  • up close and personal
“God is in the Details” – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Our aesthetic reflects the personality of our clients with a sensitive and refined eye. The story is told through a well-proportioned balance of text and graphic.

Contact us
  • Shoot us an email, drop us a line,
  • carrier pigeons are nice, too.
  • If you’ve got something to
  • say or celebrate, we’d love
  • to hear from you!

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“Be quick but don’t hurry.” ~John Wooden

Each individual invitation is hand crafted with care. We provide a product in an efficient manner, but take time to ensure a perfect presentation.

About us

  • Spilled Ink is a husband and wife team
  • of designers specializing in invitations,
  • stationery, and greeting cards.
  • Each design is made in a material
  • efficient manner that mirrors the mantra
  • “form follows function.”
  • Their greeting cards capture a
  • sarcastic voice that reflects the
  • down-to-earth, day-to-day humor they themselves embody.


  • Sheridan’s job is to keep Amanda company at her desk, and remind us that sleep is important.


  • @spilledinkpress
  • AMANDA EICH is the president,
  • wedding invitation designer, photoshop
  • queen, and office barista. She also has a
  • knack for thinking “big picture” and
  • giving Tony heart palpitations with her
  • ideas for where Spilled Ink Press is
  • headed. Amanda is what Tony likes to call
  • the face of the company, meeting with
  • bridal clients and turning their ideas
  • and dreams into reality with her trusty
  • faux leather notebook and caffeine-fueled
  • sketches. She then turns the designs into
  • printable formats for Tony to skillfully
  • assemble. She could spend hours talking
  • about paper, drinking coffee, and
  • coming up with new business ideas.

  • @tony_spilledink
  • ANTHONY VASSALLO is the vice president,
  • CFO, greeting card designer, production
  • manager, and errand-boy of Spilled Ink
  • Press. He has a gift for organizing
  • the office, writing masterful to-do lists,
  • and thinks more in terms of the
  • day to day picture. While Amanda is the
  • face of the company when it comes to
  • weddings, Tony is the go-to for
  • greeting cards with his ability
  • to simply see the best proportions
  • and layout- five years of architecture
  • education put to excellent use.
  • He could spend hours talking
  • about fantasy football, drinking root beer,
  • and watching Empire Strikes Back.
“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” -unknown, attributed to Thelonious Monk

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Design should be beautiful and fun. When defining our humor, we take a step back and speak from the edge.

  • We love paper. There, we said it.
  • However, there’s no shame in that when
  • the paper we love comes from smart
  • and responsible sources. All of the
  • paper we offer has a minimum of 30%
  • post consumer waste recycled content;
  • whenever possible we use those with more.
  • The paper industry is rapidly introducing
  • more color and texture to their
  • recycled options, so this ain’t your
  • grandma’s recycled paper… its fantastic!
  • All of the paper mills we patronize use
  • FSC Certified stock (which is a fancy
  • way of saying their forests are sustainable).
  • All of the paper manufacturers we use
  • state their green process proudly.
  • One of the paper suppliers we use operates
  • 100% on wind power- another on hydropower,
  • and we think that’s pretty awesome.
  • In addition to being recycled and
  • FSC Certified stock, the green qualities
  • of our papers range from being certified
  • as Processed Chlorine Free, Acid Free,
  • Carbon Neutral… the list goes on.
  • And it doesn’t stop there.
  • We co-founded a group called the
  • Chicago Green Wedding Alliance so that
  • we could ensure that we work with
  • and recommend other fellow
  • “conscious” vendors in the city.
  • We don’t own a car and are proud users
  • of public transportation and our feet;
  • and we just love our I-Go car
  • service and their many hybrid cars.
  • We also design our invitations in
  • such a way that the printing process
  • is as efficient as possible,
  • allowing us to reuse paper left
  • over from job to job. And, of course
  • we recycle absolutely everything.
  • We’ll just call this our page of
  • Great Things- friends.
  • affiliations, things we love,
  • and of course… press.
  • More coming soon!