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We Won!

Well, Spilled Ink Press will be on the radio! We won the radio contest for free advertising! Thanks to everyone that voted for us, and to WNUA for the opportunity.

Now…how do you make a radio commercial?

The Typographer’s Dream

It’s always fun when I am given the opportunity to design things for my friends- especially when it helps them to further their careers of otherwise creative pursuits.

Enter The Typographer’s Dream, stage left. My friend Sarah has started her own theater production group (5th Floor Productions) with two of her friends. This year, they are bringing The Typographer’s Dream, by Adam Bock, to Chicago. I was very happy to design the postcard.

When Sarah described the premise of the play, I thought- my god, this story sounds perfect for the employment difficulties that seem to surround us these days. Friends getting laid off left and right, and if you are working, the morale around the office has probably sunk to all time lows (the Dow Jones ain’t the only thing hitting rock bottom… Isn’t it funny how we tie so much of our own identity and self-worth to what it is we do for a living every day?). Ah yes, nothing like working in an atmosphere of nervousness, waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop and finding your name on the pink slip list. At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is try and not take your situation too seriously. In very serious times, we all need to laugh.

So mark your calendars! Prepare to think, prepare to laugh, prepare to be distracted, if only for an hour or so, from the thing we call reality. Maybe you’ll walk away from the whole thing feeling a little bit more inspired…

The Typographer’s Dream
April 6-28, 2009
Monday and Tuesday nights at 7:30PM
Stage Left Theatre (3408 N. Sheffield, Chicago)

This is not a drill… This is the ACTUAL CONTEST

So the video’s are posted! Our shot at free radio advertising comes down to all of you out there in “radio land” (isn’t that what cheesy DJ’s say?) voting your little hearts out for us. I implore you, send this to your friends, your neighbors, your mom, your grandma… if they have an email address, sit them down and instruct them: VOTE FOR SPILLED INK PRESS!

Thank you, thankyouvrrymuch.

We’re in a radio contest!

If there’s one thing a small business could use, it’s exposure. Advertising is so expensive, and even though you have to spend money to make money….there’s not always extra money to spend. So when we heard a pretty big Chicago radio station was having a contest to give away around $20,000 of advertising time to local small businesses, we jumped at the chance.

To be honest we had kind of forgotten about it when we got the call. I mean, who figures they are going to win a radio contest? But it turns out we are one of 12 finalists. I think 4 of the 12 will each get the advertising on the station, which will end up being close to a month’s worth of commercials. Obviously we could never afford this, since we debate whether or not to take out ads for a couple of hundred bucks, so this is an amazing opportunity.

So to win, we will need your help. Each of the 12 finalists recorded a video explaining who they are and what they do, and the videos will be posted on the station’s (WNUA) website. Listeners will go to the site and vote for who they think is most deserving….sort of like American Idol for small business owners. The videos are not up yet, but when they are we would really appreciate it if all would take the time to vote for us.

Once the videos are up we will let you know. Thanks.

I love what I do

Of course I love what I do, or else I wouldn’t do it… but there are moments when it is particularly more fun than others. This design for a bachelorette party invitation reflects one of those fun moments.

Imagine being at the place where I get my paper cut where a handful of somewhat dorky college dudes work. I hand them my stack of papers, show them where to cut and they nod and shuffle over the paper cutter, half paying attention as usual. They return holding this in their hands, rather sheepishly, almost blushing.
Here I am, the unassuming 5′-2″ graphic designer lady that rarely gets their attention let alone a smile… and now, oh boy, show these boys a fishnet clad half-an-ass and they look at you like your Paris freaking Hilton.

It absolutely made my day. And that lesson for the day… never judge a graphic designer by the thickness of her glasses.