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Indie Wed, part deux

There were just too many kids too cool for school at Indie Wed to tell the world about in one blog post, so as promised, here is a part two recap on the fabulous show in Ravenswood that happened last weekend…

Logan Square Kitchen! I’ve heard so much about this venue and was really excited when Zina came up to our table and introduced herself and then immediately told me about the Pastry Market party they are hosting on February 13th. It was too good to be true… meeting another green vendor AND the promise of chocolate and pastries, seriously? My head almost exploded.
So in summary, the LSK is an awesome green venue that you can rent out for your event using their kitchen and suggested sustainable catering, or bring in your own. As Zina puts it so elegantly on their site: We’ve worked hard to create a space that honors our past, celebrates our present, and stewards our future.

City Provisions… speaking of sustainable catering…
It was great meeting the folks with City Provisions at the show and officially having a “green” caterer that I can recommend to my lovely brides with a green heart. The telling thing was when I was visiting their table they were CLEANED out of food samples! Tony said he helped and it was delicious. Check out their website and fall in love with their approach and message like I did.

Love, Lulu Mae… this is a vintage accessory lovers dream. Head pieces that are custom and divine. Go ahead and feel girly when you peruse their site (I know I did… as well as felt a little sad at the fact that I didn’t know about them 5 years ago when we got married… sigh).

Windy Weather Bindery…
So my friend Aileen will say to me smartly when I start to get cocky about projects I want to do, “how’s my bridesmaid book coming along Manda?”. It shuts me up pretty much instantly. A book maker apparently I am not (although as Aileen reminds me, I had illusions of such 5 years ago when I proclaimed that I was going to MAKE a book for each of my 6 bridesmaids). Had I known about Windy Weather Bindery and her gorgeous books, perhaps I would have swallowed my paper-lovin pride and paid HER to do them. Love her work…

And lastly… I am a sucker for hand made anything, so enter Hank and Tillie, hand embroidered heirlooms. Have you ever tried to make a French knot? It’s hard. Ask my sister Mary, she used to bitch and moan to my mother that she couldn’t do it when she was trying to make ladies out of us and we tried embroidering stuff. But these pillows are beautiful, and would make a lovely addition to any wedding with a vintage and carefully crafted flair.

And yet still… there are more to mention. Please visit the complete list of vendors from Indie Wed here. Cheers!

Indie Wed Lovin.

Boy oh boy, we were feeling the Indie Wed love this weekend.

We laughed, we cried, we ate some sample organic food… it was a fantastic event that we are so excited to have been apart of with our gracious friends at Green Paper Company! It was a beautiful demonstration for us… This is Green Paper Company, they make gorgeous post-consumer waste recycled papers, and hi, we’re Spilled Ink Press, we USE their papers to make your lovely invitations! I love balance, symmetry, it’s the architect in me.

Tony was pretty excited too because he was able to come out from behind the curtain and not… well, scare anyone. These brides were hip, their fiance’s were cool… a big hairy dude chattin them up about their invitations didn’t ruffle any retro hair piece feathers in this crowd!

So a quick recap on some of our faves…
First of course the Magnolia Photo booth folks (see our fun pics above!). Who can’t resist a funny hat and an anonymous camera… I’m ready for my close up Mr. De Mille.

Lynn from Pollen was great to meet! An organic florist, perfect!

Jennifer from Foodie Registry was super cool, and what a great idea! Register with restaurants and save the oxo spatula and matching tupperware for your mom on Mother’s Day!

I love seeing Something Beautiful at shows, Marcie makes fantastic soy candles in vintage tea cups (plus she and her husband come from the land of Architecture as well, we have a lot in common!).

There were just too many vendors to list here… in fact, let’s be efficient about this and circle back to all the fabulous people we met in blog posts to come.
Next time, on Spilled Ink Press blog….. Logan Square Kitchen, City Provisions Catering, and much much more!