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Yes, it’s a polar bear

We create lovely custom wedding invitations (at least we think so) and then hand them off to the happy couple to send on their way- into the trusted hands of the United States Postal Service. Our designs always start with the RSVP as a postcard. It’s becoming pretty popular- you save postage ($.28 vs. $.44, which isn’t much, but hey- it all adds up), and more importantly, you save a few trees.

But lately, I’ve heard more than a few brides grumble to me that they were a bit dissapointed when they got to the post office and realized all they had to choose from for the postcard stamp was this:

I did a little research and it appears that the USPS issues new postcard stamps every year or so. So the polar bear is here to stay for a while. I’m not one to pay attention to the stamp when I receive mail, but I know how the finer details can make a bride crazy (and after going through the fun process of customizing your invitation, I suppose Mr. Fuzzy here could be a little distracting). Sooooo, doing a little more research I found

The cost per sheet of 20 stamps is $18.99 for the $.44 stamps and $15.99 for the $.28 postcard stamps. So your savings from postcard to regular stamp just went out the window, but the option of uploading ANY picture you want is pretty tempting! Here we have Captain Kirk and Uhura in a loving embrace. Yes, this is an image from our friend’s Thad and Didi’s invitations (blog post on THAT one to follow, can’t resist bragging about a Captain Kirk invitation). But you get the idea. You can imagine how lovely your engagement picture would look, or maybe the graphic from your invitation even, oh the coordination will blow your guests minds! The website is pretty easy to navigate too.

So I say, what the heck, go for it. Support our nearly bankrupt postal system and create custom stamps if you don’t have any love for the polar bear (it is kind of random, I have to admit).

Just a word of advise though- ORDER THEM EARLY. The website says it takes 3 to 5 business days to get them… but, um, well, it IS the USPS, so I would order earlier. When we meet with couples to review the final hard copy proof, I always tell them to take the sample as-is in it’s completed state and have it weighed AT THE POST OFFICE to verify postage. Usually it’s the typical stamp for the main envelope, but occasionally it will weigh more (as in instances of heavier booklet style invitations) and need the $.61 stamp
(at least they got you covered with this one!). But you’ll know what kind of stamp you need for your RSVP no matter what, so have fun and get those early.

If you want the most options for your stamps, aside from the custom photo ones, go here and have fun perusing the selection: stamps
Here are my favorites, in case you were wondering (geez, my tastes are all over the place):