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The Eagle has landed!

It’s official! We’ve had our first card spotting at Target!
There was a little bit of a delay with stocking the shelves (the Target elves were busy with holiday stuff I guess), but we can now OFFICIALLY say our Spilled Ink Press logo has landed at at a Target store near you!!

If you see these cards in the “Just for Laughs” section with other Recycled Paper Greetings cards, follow these instructions:
1. Pick it up.
2. Read it.
3. Throw your head back and laugh very loudly, vigorously enough that you cause a scene.
4. Put it into your cart and repeat.

inside: …just be sure to save some cash for cake and ice cream.
Happy Birthday

inside: Consider these shots “cupcakes” and the rest of the bar your class.
Have another cupcake.
Happy Birthday

inside: Before your taste in booze gets more expensive.
Happy Birthday

Celebrate Early. Celebrate Often.

Just a few weeks removed from the last election, I thought we were done with political commercials on TV. I was wrong. Ads for the mayoral election have already started. It seems like it’s always voting season in Chicago, but of course we can find a little time to fit in the Christmas season too. Sure, we’re used to voting early and often, but we can also celebrate early and often. And what better way to celebrate the holidays in Chicago than with our Christmas cards that poke fun at the city’s questionable political history.

Card inside text:

Card inside text:
And we’re working on ideas for our 2010 Christmas card… no one is safe…. stay tuned!

Check it

Whoa… hello blog. How the heck haveya been? Last time we spoke it was… lets see… August? No? Really? Come on.
–gulp– Ok. Well- the good news is we’ve been very very busy at Spilled Ink Press headquarters.
We did some invitations… or 2… or 100… we’ve been banging out greeting cards like we own the joint. It’s good times, good times.

To prove it, someone in the “real” media actually took note of it. Our friend Sarah Terez-Rosenblum of Sun Times blog fame, “Our Town” asked us a few questions and we very happily answered.
Here it is folks.

PS- Sarah is also an excellent writing instructor at StoryStudio. The winter classes are up on the block folks, get em’ while they’re hot.