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43 years ago today…

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
Looking at these pictures make me happy, 43 years of marriage, six kids, and five grandkids (so far!) is what it’s all about. I can only wish every couple that we work with the same happiness and longevity.

And as usual, it all starts with the invitations…
(um, let’s just say we’ve come a long way in invitation design! I personally love that my grandma spelled my Dad’s name wrong…)

Mother and daughter. Grandma had such a beautiful smile!

Vintage Bridal

A vintage inspired pocket invitation

My mom used to tell me I was born in the wrong era, needless to say I’ve always had a flare for the vintage. Estate sales and antique stores are my friend. Hoard Antiques, on Damen and Leland in Chicago is literally 2 doors down from the Perfect Cup, where I have my design consultations. And my confession is that I kind-of-sort-of plan my route from Spilled Ink Press headquarters so that I have to walk past their window… very slooowly. I covet the lace, cracked leather, and patina-ed wood nestled behind that storefront.

Today I treated myself to a perusing of sorts after three back-to-back meetings (I needed some slow retail therapy to bring me down from the coffee high). And lo and behold, I found a treasure chest of vintage bridal yumminess- quite literally. Here are some of my finds:

Aside from these anatomically incorrect waistlines, these patterns are to die for!

50′s A-line lace dress, either the start of another masterpiece or a gorgeous summer wedding dress all by itself.

These ALMOST came home with me…. almost.