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Don’t Forget, Father’s Day is June 19th!

When you’re looking for that perfect card to go with the golf balls or tie you’re getting dad this year for Father’s Day, be sure to stop by your local Target. That’s where you will find four brand new Father’s Day cards by everyone’s favorite card designers… Spilled Ink Press! And after you pick out one of our cards, you might want to shop around for a different gift. Dad is probably sick of ties by now.


Wed Shower invitation poking fun at being a bridesmaid

We are very happily jumping on the “you really need to see this movie” wagon.  We work with brides every day and many a movie has been made about the trials of a woman’s path to the alter.  It’s just plain refreshing and interesting to see the whole process through the eyes of a bridesmaid.  I’ve been reading a lot of reviews that are quick to point out the empowering and albeit hysterical female-centric voice of this movie.  The groom literally doesn’t have one line, and the only “love interest” (enter tired old “chick-flick” formula) is a character that has the interest in the main bridesmaid character Annie (Kristin Wiig) and not the other way around.  Girl meets boy, boy likes girl, girl leaves boy’s house in a commitment freak-out.  Aaaah.  Now, that’s nice- add a heavy helping of raunchy hilarity and you’re in for a good time.

And let me tell ya, playing the role of the bridesmaid is a rite of passage that many women have to… um, I mean, are blessed to go through.  And to prove it, for old times sake… here are my badges (and dresses) of honor:

My sister Tina’s wedding, circa 1995.  Notice I was not allowed to have a dip in the front of my dress like the rest of the bridesmaids.  There was nothing to “dip” to anyway.  I still gag when I smell a Star-gazing lily.

My highschool friend’s wedding… and one of the first wedding invitations we did!  This dress I bought at a Good Will in San Francisco and added some detailing to– thanks for giving us the freedom to pick out our own dress Andrea!  I was seriously BROKE.  I also had my hair and makeup done with the rest of the wedding party but came home and washed my face and hair and had my sister Tina redo it.  I looked like a clown!
My oldest friend’s wedding.  This is us doing a dance we’ve done together since we were probably 8.  I loved the candy-red apple dress.  Also my first time wearing one of those voodoo clear strap bra’s. 
And my college roommate and dear friend’s wedding at Disney World… Disney Land?  Whatever, the one in Florida.  That’s the Disney Chapel we’re in!  Yes, this time I had something holding up my dress and just noticed I was the only one who went strap-less.  Guess I was workin’ it.  It’s a shame you can’t see the pretty embroidery at the top of the dress.