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"Birthday Funny"

…why thank you Target Store stationery department, we kinda think so too!
We are happy to see our 8-card line featured at Target Stores nationwide.  All “Birthday Funny”, all the time. Get them while they’re hot, or early October when they replace them with Halloween cards.
Who sends Halloween cards?…

This one inspired by my lame birthday texts to my siblings.  Yes, that’s you Mary.

Inspired by my dear friend Iwona… she’s the nicest person alive, but godblessher, she can’t remember my birthday to save her life.  It’s June 5th, in case anyone wants to send me a gift.

Tony says you’ll get this is if you’re into music “trust me”.  

I bought this bra just for this photo… so don’t worry, it’s not like one of mine or anything (double ew.).

We get alot of bills.  We DO kind of pee a little when we get something that isn’t.

We aren’t big fans of wearing pants.  I think that’s why we have to work from home…  too much information?…

Sadly, oh so true…  I even broke the piggy bank right after this photo was taken (there wasn’t anything in it, boo).

It’s kind of funny to buy a baby bottle when you don’t have a baby.  I keep salad dressing in it now and Tony refuses to use it.  He said it creeps him out.