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The Knot Chicago Magazine

It’s always fun when a wedding that we’ve been a part of gets published!  The day-of stationery stuff is of course less glamorous than the actual invitations, so we owe Edyta Szyszlo Photography a huge thank you for snapping some pics of the invitations for Gene and Kristen’s wedding.  Their beautiful fall 2010 wedding was featured in this season’s issue of The Knot Chicago, including Edyta’s lovely photographs.  Here are the original photographs from their big day.
Happy Anniversary Kristen and Gene, and thank you as well to The Knot for keeping their glam wedding in the spotlight!

And why NOT send a Thanksgiving Day card?

We tend to get tunnel vision when we’re in the wedding invitation groove.  It happens.

But the other day I got a text from my darling friend Aileen and it just said, “I just bought your Thanksgiving Day card at Target”.  Wha?  Ooooh… yes!  That’s right! We do greeting cards and last year we did a Thanksgiving Day card and guess what, it’s October now and they’re in stores!  Time flies when you’re wrapping purple ribbon around stuff (and having fun, of course).
So here it is folks.  You know the drill… go to Target, flip over the card, say to the stranger standing next to you, “hey!  I know these kids!” and then buy it.  An optional step is to tell the stranger next to you to buy it as well.  That’s gravy.
Get it… gravy…