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Wedding favors that may outlive you!

I have a secret.
I’m kind of in love with trees.  There.  I said it.  Well, that was maybe a little too dramatic… I don’t mean Mary Katherine Gallagher in-love… more like an intense affinity toward big old trees.

Maybe “love” is a strong word, but if you appreciate tree’s… take this survey.

So every year when the Arbor Day Foundation “survey” comes in the mail (make no bones… I know it’s just a way to get you to be interactive and then give $10), I very happily fill out the silly survey and give my annual meager donation.  Yes, I climbed tree’s when I was a kid.  Yes, I played in a tree house *did you pay a marketing research team to formulate these questions?*.
At the end of the survey you get to swoon over the “free” stuff you get.  This is the part I revel in.  10 free tree’s!  2 flowering shrubs?!  Seriously?  Awesome.  Sign me up.

This year- just this morning actually, I filled out the survey online (sorry USPS). When I was tooling around their website, I found THIS!  Tree’s as wedding favors!  I did this at our wedding many moons ago.  The tree’s survived with moderate success rates, but that was because I tried to go all rogue with it and ordered them too early.  If you order through the Arbor Day Foundation, they come in a neato tube and a personalized message!

Eco-brides… take heed!  Embrace your inner green-goddess (or green-geek, in my case).  Give the gift of trees, support the Arbor Day Foundation, and breath a little easier (hehe, get it…).

And of course as much as I love trees for real, I also love doing tree-inspired invitations!  This one was for a fall wedding in Pennsylvania. Laura and I clicked immediately discussing ideas of how to really showcase leaves, and the tree, and the natural setting of her wedding.  This is how they turned out:

For additional tips on how to green your wedding, see the Chicago Green Wedding Alliance website:

AND… we hope to see you at our “green” wedding show, Committed, that the CGWA is hosting on February 26th at the new Greenhouse Loft.  Meet the members of the Chicago Green Wedding Alliance, sample sustainable catered foods, learn about local beer and spirits, enjoy the sunny new Greenhouse Loft for an afternoon!
See here for details and tickets:

CRAVE Chicago, The Urban Girl’s Manifesto

Two years ago I was working a wedding show and a stack of books on a vendor’s table with a snappy hot pink logo on the cover caught my eye. I’ve been following Crave Chicago ever since.  Basically, Crave is a network of female business owners, a book with featured entrepreneurs, and they conduct workshops and networking events throughout the year.  The book contains a short bio of the lady-superstars, sharp and bright photographs, and interview-style question and answers that give you a tiny bit of insight into what drives them, what inspires them, advise for others, etc.  Also at the end of the book are deals and discounts for many of the businesses featured.
The second edition just came out and Spilled Ink Press is a proud member of the group, along with friends from FIG, Urban Worm Girl, Village Paperie & Gifts, and I’ve already started to connect with so many others from this 2nd edition through twitter and events.
To be honest, I was a little nervous about joining the group (perhaps “intimidated” is a better word? “humbled”… “shy”… I know, these are counter-productive emotions for a business owner to have), but spoke to one of the example business owners from the Crave website.  She said, “Crave will be for you what you make of it- if you put yourself out there, you’ll meet a lot of great people”, and so far it’s been amazing.  This is so true for almost all things in life, isn’t it?  Hesitation melted…
The official launch of the book was last week.  I sat down a few days later to dive into the contents on a quiet Saturday morning when Tony was out running errands.  Just me and my coffee… and wow.  Suddenly, it wasn’t just me and my coffee… it was me, my coffee and over 100 examples of just awesome.

…I think I may send a book to Craig Ferguson and Terry Gross.  Meh, why not?

I’ve got lot’s of books of my very own now… and only 1 Mother and 1 Mother-in-law, so there’s many more for the offering.  Let me know if you’d like one!

PS- Amy Boyle did the photography, she did a great job and she’s one of the featured business owners.  I learned from that day that I’m MUCH more comfortable when my invitations are being photographed instead of me, but she made me feel at ease despite that.