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If you’re looking for Tony and I on Sunday, we’ll be at the Paris Club, rubbing elbows with some of Chicago’s finest wedding vendors.  This is the Lettuce Entertain You’s 4th Bridal Fair.  We are honored to be apart of the fun and fancy day.

What I’m most intrigued about is this particular show’s set up.  At our Committed Show last week, we decided to organize the vendors by “departments”, we hung signs that let couples know they were in the “invitations and stationery” department, the “cake, cocktails and confections” department, etc. etc.  It was interesting and different.
For THIS show, the vendors will be organized by style.  There will be 6 wedding/party “styles”, otherwise known as the buzz words that help couples organize their big-day aesthetic.  They will be as follows:

  • Traditional/Chic
  • Rustic/Boho
  • Vintage
  • Whimsical/Casual
  • Romantic/Elegant
  • Modern/Edgy

Spilled Ink Press will be representing the “Rustic/Boho” and the “Whimsical/Casual” styles.  We’re bringing our rustic button twine invitations for the rustic boho and for whimsical style we’ll be sporting a few of our custom illustrated accordion invitations.  It was a tough choice picking which style we would like showcase as we create custom invitations, I feel like we’ve designed all of them*!  That’s what I love about what we do actually, we get all kinds!
*Hmmm… note to self, an interesting blog series featuring each of these styles…

So with this unique and fun show organization paired with the backdrop of the Paris Club, I have no doubt this is going to be a top notch show.  Plus, my friends at Mignonette will be there, so that’s always fun when I see a familiar face in the vendor crowd!

Come by and say hi!
Tickets are available here and by the sound of it, they’re going fast ($10 per).
See you Sunday!