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Time for Holiday Cards!

Thanksgiving is done, the Turkey is stewing in the crockpot for sandwiches and everyone’s gone home.

What’s next? Holiday cards! You may think… I don’t know… it’s so much work, I don’t have time this year. My family will understand.

Don’t go there. The post office needs you. Your friendly local stationer needs you. Your family and friends need your holiday cheer. It shows them you care and genuinely want them to know you hope they have an amazing holiday and a fabulous 2014. How often do you send a card anyway? How often do you get a card? not very… it’s fun!

AND to sweeten the pot, we are offering for ‘black Friday’ (ugh, we kind of hate that phrase) and Small Business Saturday complimentary return address printing on the envelopes included in our sets purchased at Shop 1021 on those days.

*end of the public service announcement*


SO. My point being is that we also conveniently have new cards for you to send! Hooray! Here are the new editions:


Teddy Bear specs, inside: “May the holiday meet your specifications”


Gingerbread house specs, inside: “May the holiday meet your specifications”



Enjoy the Ride, CTA L red and green lines with the inside having a transit line with stops of all the holidays from New Year’s to Christmas and the caption, “Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the ride”

You can find them at Shop 1021 in Logan Square.  Or if you aren’t in Chicago and want them delivered to your door, go to our etsy site.

Here are the oldies but goodies… happy sending!:




Holidays on the Square 2013

We’re heading into year 2 of living and working in Logan Square and it still feels amazing to be a part of the small business vibe of this truly unique neighborhood. We LOVE it!

And we’re staring down the barrel of another holiday season, hooray! On December 7th is the third annual Holidays on the Square, double hooray!

Come by and see Santa at *play, buy lots of stuff at other awesome small business shops, and then bring EVERYTHING over to Shop 1021 where Tony and I will be manning a ‘wrap station’. Ok, I will be wrapping, Tony will be putting his finger down when I need  a bow tied.

HOTS poster2013