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43 years ago today…

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
Looking at these pictures make me happy, 43 years of marriage, six kids, and five grandkids (so far!) is what it’s all about. I can only wish every couple that we work with the same happiness and longevity.

And as usual, it all starts with the invitations…
(um, let’s just say we’ve come a long way in invitation design! I personally love that my grandma spelled my Dad’s name wrong…)

Mother and daughter. Grandma had such a beautiful smile!

Happy Birthday to Spilled Ink!

We are so bad about remembering what should be important dates… like for instance it took me probably 2 years to remember that Tony’s birthday is the 15th and not the 17th (no, that’s Jackie’s birthday). And if you ask Tony what my birthday is, after 15 years he would probably tell you it’s the 15th (no, it’s the 5th). And we randomly decided to change our wedding anniversary to an entirely different date than what it was, so that doesn’t help things…
Well guess what we realized? Spilled Ink Press turned 4 two days ago. Yep. Our baby is ready for preschool! So in honor of her birthday, here is a sneak peak at the “new” designs for our daily grind line of cards (goodbye blue saturation and “cutout” filter, hello clean and crisp photographs with a long shadow).
You’d buy this if you saw it in the store, wouldn’t you? At the very least, you’d pick it up- and then you’d snort a little bit when you read it. I bet you. Don’t make a four year old cry now, just say yes.
Happy birthday baby.