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Time for Holiday Cards!

Thanksgiving is done, the Turkey is stewing in the crockpot for sandwiches and everyone’s gone home.

What’s next? Holiday cards! You may think… I don’t know… it’s so much work, I don’t have time this year. My family will understand.

Don’t go there. The post office needs you. Your friendly local stationer needs you. Your family and friends need your holiday cheer. It shows them you care and genuinely want them to know you hope they have an amazing holiday and a fabulous 2014. How often do you send a card anyway? How often do you get a card? not very… it’s fun!

AND to sweeten the pot, we are offering for ‘black Friday’ (ugh, we kind of hate that phrase) and Small Business Saturday complimentary return address printing on the envelopes included in our sets purchased at Shop 1021 on those days.

*end of the public service announcement*


SO. My point being is that we also conveniently have new cards for you to send! Hooray! Here are the new editions:


Teddy Bear specs, inside: “May the holiday meet your specifications”


Gingerbread house specs, inside: “May the holiday meet your specifications”



Enjoy the Ride, CTA L red and green lines with the inside having a transit line with stops of all the holidays from New Year’s to Christmas and the caption, “Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the ride”

You can find them at Shop 1021 in Logan Square.  Or if you aren’t in Chicago and want them delivered to your door, go to our etsy site.

Here are the oldies but goodies… happy sending!:




Black Friday

We have a confession to make.
We are a small business that is a very tiny part of the Black Friday machine.  We have cards in Target.  That’s no secret.  We’re incredibly proud of that (it took us a long time to get to this point)- in fact, we should be talking about it more!  But it’s hard to slip that into conversation with a bride who is debating between “blush” and “rose petal” that we just happen to be a line carried at one of the biggest retailers in the country.

But tomorrow, now tomorrow… that’s another story.  For the first time, we have a 6-card HOLIDAY CARD series being featured at Target (cue the music, it’s kind of a big deal).  We’re pretty excited.  The line is called “Laughing all the Way” (we have a title too!), and it’s in a special display in the card aisle (a display! What. Is. Happening?).  You can’t miss it!

So we’d absolutely love it if while you are enjoying the holiday music, pounding the pavement and getting some smoking hot deals at the big stores… that you maybe support some of us little guys by doing the following:

1– If at Target, buy a card or two of these:

2– Alright, you don’t have to, we’re not a charity case.  But if you’re there… read them and laugh REALLY LOUD. Peer pressure is awesome.
3. But you shouldn’t forget about the mom & pop stores on Small Business Saturday. Of course we have even more Christmas and Hanukkah cards available at our own retail space. Have we mentioned Shop 1021? More to come soon….


Chicago Flag Christmas Cards…New and Improved!

Chicago Flag Christmas cards are back, and better than ever. How can they be both new and improved you say? Well, the three card sets feature a new card for this year, plus a modified version of one of last year’s cards.

After Chicagoist was kind enough to mention them last year, they sold like hotcakes…so you might have to move fast to get them this year. Actually, we’ll keep printing them as long as people want them.

So why not use a little Chicago-style to keep in touch this holiday season with a set of Chicago flag inspired Christmas cards? Each 12 card set features three different card designs that use traditional holiday images to mimic the iconic Chicago city flag.

One of the bright blue stripes wraps to the card’s interior, underlining the text “Chicago Christmas. Celebrate early, celebrate often.”

She’s a celebrity? Get outta here.

Thanks to NBC, the Blagojeviches are getting more TV time to embarrass the state of Illinois. Somehow Patti Blagojevich qualifies as a celebrity, and is appearing on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!”. Her husband, our former governor, used to jog past Spilled Ink Press headquarters a lot, but we haven’t seen him lately. I guess seeing his wife on a reality TV show is going to have to do….if we were actually watching.

Anyway, having the Blagojeviches in the news again reminds me of our Christmas card from last year…..

and the inside…..