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Friday Find… GLITTENS!

The good news is I’m working at Spilled Ink Press headquarters… ALOT. The bad news is I don’t have the opportunity to casually window shop as I used to when I was working the 9 to 5 on my hour lunch break (what? Yes… an HOUR!) downtown or the stroll to and from the train directly past cute boutique shops with great window displays in Lincoln Square.

So in an effort to support my desire to shop AND feel like I’m not doing something completely gluttoness… I’d like to post fantastic Etsy store finds. Let’s just say for now it will be a Friday thing- also gone from the routine of the 9 to 5 is, well, a routine… so bare with me.

And to kick off the Friday Find… Glittens! If you know me, you know that the minute the air has a tinge of chill, out come my glittens. I. heart. glittens. They are reminiscent of childhood, yet have the practicallity of adulthood convenience to be able to grab your CTA card out of your bag when the bus comes. I found these particular glittens that I love, it appears that Deb from DebzCreations will take your measurements and custom make you whatever you’d like.
Ah. Now that’s nice.