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Black Friday

We have a confession to make.
We are a small business that is a very tiny part of the Black Friday machine.  We have cards in Target.  That’s no secret.  We’re incredibly proud of that (it took us a long time to get to this point)- in fact, we should be talking about it more!  But it’s hard to slip that into conversation with a bride who is debating between “blush” and “rose petal” that we just happen to be a line carried at one of the biggest retailers in the country.

But tomorrow, now tomorrow… that’s another story.  For the first time, we have a 6-card HOLIDAY CARD series being featured at Target (cue the music, it’s kind of a big deal).  We’re pretty excited.  The line is called “Laughing all the Way” (we have a title too!), and it’s in a special display in the card aisle (a display! What. Is. Happening?).  You can’t miss it!

So we’d absolutely love it if while you are enjoying the holiday music, pounding the pavement and getting some smoking hot deals at the big stores… that you maybe support some of us little guys by doing the following:

1– If at Target, buy a card or two of these:

2– Alright, you don’t have to, we’re not a charity case.  But if you’re there… read them and laugh REALLY LOUD. Peer pressure is awesome.
3. But you shouldn’t forget about the mom & pop stores on Small Business Saturday. Of course we have even more Christmas and Hanukkah cards available at our own retail space. Have we mentioned Shop 1021? More to come soon….