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Flacco Wedding Invitations, for the win!!!

Congratulations to Joe Flacco and Dana!
…because let’s face it, behind every Super Bowl winning quarterback is an amazing bride.
We were honored to design and create their invitations for them.  And I will say, the eggplant ribbon paired with the eggplant paper (we know it was kind of a Ravens Purple) created a tone-on-tone trend with my brides that entire season after… wedding season…. er, you know what I mean.

Way to be a trend-setter, Joe Flacco, in the field of wedding invitations!  Ok, maybe you have bigger things to celebrate right now…

Dana and Joe’s Purple Invitations

We do a lot of wedding invitation jobs here at Spilled Ink Press headquarters, but every once in a while a job stands out. Usually it’s because I really dig Amanda’s design, but in one case this summer, it was because we were lucky enough to make the wedding invitations of an NFL quarterback. I think I was more excited about this job than Amanda was for once.

The purple invitations matched the quarterback’s team colors, and that only leaves two options…the Ravens or the Vikings. As a big Bears fan it’s a good thing it was the Raven’s QB Joe Flacco, and not Christian Ponder or Joe Webb from our NFC North rival. If it had been a Viking player’s invitation I might have had to call in sick instead of working on that job. Sure, I’m trying to run a business, but I have my priorities, and I’m loyal to the Monsters of the Midway. Of course when we got the job from our friends at Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants, Amanda had to ask me who Joe Flacco was. The only NFL player she recognizes is Julius Peppers.
Luckily for Mr. Flacco and his new bride I have no ill feelings toward the Ravens, so their invitations turned out pretty great.

A nice close up of the escort cards we did for the reception. The “love” stands were provided by the bride, but we did get to print cards with names like Michael Oher on them. Photo by Jason Prezant Photography
Photo by Jason Prezant Photography ….check out his blog to see more of his great work.