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Free Reggie the Cat!!!!

Well it looks like we won’t be seeing Reggie the cat on our walks to and from Spilled Ink headquarters anymore. Reggie, the “Mayor of Lincoln Square”, used to be a regular in the neighborhood, but for some reason he has been the target of a ridiculous leash law and will be stuck inside from now on. You can read all bout Reggie’s case here, with a follow up here. Luckily Reggie’s owner had a very large fine reduced, but he still can’t roam the neighborhood. Walks to the Western Brown Line stop will never be the same.

Reggie the Cat

Amanda and I have made the walk between Spilled Ink Press headquarters and the Western Brown line stop about a million times, and it’s always nice to see our buddy Reggie on the way. Reggie is a big orange cat that hangs out around Lincoln Square. We were calling him Charlie for a long time until I thought to look at his tag. Yeah he’s got a tag and lives in the area, but he gets a lot of freedom to roam and interact with his neighbors. He’ll usually walk with you for awhile if you stop to pet him, unless he is lounging comfortably. Actually, he usually walks us to the corner of his block, but no further. And he always chatters at you. Today we saw him hanging out in a big pot like it was a throne or something, right outside of Cafe Selmarie.

Bridal Expo, Chicago

I’m still “up” from the great energy and fun I had at the latest Bridal Expo at the Swissotel in downtown Chicago. So many cool and hip brides to be, and quite a lot of grooms to be too! That’s how you know it’s a good crowd when the dudes come out for it. Bravo fiances!
I’m getting good at introducing our work to the masses too. You have to understand, every time I do a Meyers-Briggs test or even a silly personality test, I always toe the line between an introvert and an extrovert. It’s weird- It’s like I have the potential to be the life of the party (ya, right) if I can find the gumption to get off the couch and out of my pajama’s. But when you have your own company and the majority of keeping the bizness coming in is to talk, talk, talk about it… you learn how to get comfortable being in front of a crowd. The rent depends on it! =) After a while though, and a slightly hoarse voice, it just fell into place and started grooving. A big thanks to my booth neighbor, George Street Photography, for chatting it up with me. It might have been the coffee I had that morning too (I’m trying to quit, so when I do have it, it’s like a wind-up toy is let go)- but I was particularly chatty. We realized we were neighbors in more ways than just booth neighbors- we literally live within a few blocks of each other in Lincoln Square, have our studio’s in Lincoln Square… It was kind of serendipitous.
So if my vibe from the show is correct, we’re going to be making a lot of sweet invitations this year. Yay, quitting my job at a good architecture firm and working from home on my own invitation designs is looking like it was still the right move (big exhale here).