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Celebrate Early. Celebrate Often.

Just a few weeks removed from the last election, I thought we were done with political commercials on TV. I was wrong. Ads for the mayoral election have already started. It seems like it’s always voting season in Chicago, but of course we can find a little time to fit in the Christmas season too. Sure, we’re used to voting early and often, but we can also celebrate early and often. And what better way to celebrate the holidays in Chicago than with our Christmas cards that poke fun at the city’s questionable political history.

Card inside text:

Card inside text:
And we’re working on ideas for our 2010 Christmas card… no one is safe…. stay tuned!

She’s a celebrity? Get outta here.

Thanks to NBC, the Blagojeviches are getting more TV time to embarrass the state of Illinois. Somehow Patti Blagojevich qualifies as a celebrity, and is appearing on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!”. Her husband, our former governor, used to jog past Spilled Ink Press headquarters a lot, but we haven’t seen him lately. I guess seeing his wife on a reality TV show is going to have to do….if we were actually watching.

Anyway, having the Blagojeviches in the news again reminds me of our Christmas card from last year…..

and the inside…..