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Holidays on the Square 2013

We’re heading into year 2 of living and working in Logan Square and it still feels amazing to be a part of the small business vibe of this truly unique neighborhood. We LOVE it!

And we’re staring down the barrel of another holiday season, hooray! On December 7th is the third annual Holidays on the Square, double hooray!

Come by and see Santa at *play, buy lots of stuff at other awesome small business shops, and then bring EVERYTHING over to Shop 1021 where Tony and I will be manning a ‘wrap station’. Ok, I will be wrapping, Tony will be putting his finger down when I need  a bow tied.

HOTS poster2013

Small Business Saturday: Logan Square style

Small Business Saturday“… we’re big fans.  Right now, Spilled Ink Press is a 2 person + a cat operation, so it couldn’t get much smaller- and the little guys like us need the loving support of our adoring public (that’s the way we like to think of you- let us have our fantasy).

So here’s how it works- I’ll give you the Logan Square version for reference…
On Small Business Saturday- this year November 24th, you wake up at a leisurely hour.  No need to set an alarm for 4AM or some god-forsaken hour like that.  Take your time getting ready, you deserve this day.  Feel good about it.
Then mosey over to your local (non-Starbucks, sorry) coffee shop and enjoy a cup of amazing fresh brewed coffee… or tea… or hot chocolate.
That could be my new favorite place Gaslight Coffee Roasters, or New Wave, or Cafe Mustache.
Alrighty, feeling good and caffeinated.

Then comes the fun part- SHOP SMALL, SHOP LOCAL!  Plan your route.  Take your time.  Smile at your neighbors on the street and say hello to the shop owner when you walk in.  They love you. They need you. Feel the love.

Your first stop in Logan Square? Well, Shop 1021, of course. There is literally a corner of the store for every type of person you know.  There’s the cooking section with amazing gadgets and cookbooks.  There’s the travel section with awesome maps and books about far away places and local dive bars.  There’s the bar section with whiskey stones, the perfect glasses, cocktail cookbooks, and unique wine bottle openers.  There’s the kids section with organic toys and bibs and blankets (even the Go the F*ck to Sleep book… which makes many a customer giggle). There’s the office section with interesting books on fonts (my favorite) and cool sketch books and notecards.  There’s the pet’s section, the Chicago section, the lotion and soaps section… seriously, it kind of rocks.

And THEN.  Then there’s the cards.  The 2 doors by the register are our favorite, but we’re biased, those are ours.  You’ll know by the amount of hysterics happening when people read them.  There’s also a section of cards written by comedians, so ok, those are pretty funny too.  And then there is a plethora of cards from local letterpress designers alike.

After you’ve purchased some gifts for the adults in your life, then you head on over to *Play, which has almost any gift you could want for the kiddo’s.

After *Play, you can pop into Fleur, which smells divine when you walk in because it’s a boutique flower shop.  Pick up some amazing flowers, and an eclectic gift or two for the botanic lover in your life.

And by now, surely you’re hungry… so treat yourself to lunch at Dunlays on the Square.  Save room for dessert though and then head over to Bang Bang Pie Shop on California.  Seriously, you won’t regret it.

Whew. That’s a day right there.
If when you get home, you realize you forgot something out at the brick and mortar shops– do NOT hesitate to check out Etsy.
And for those of you NOT in Chicago, not in Logan Square… please check out our Etsy shop here, and use the discount code SIPSMALLBIZSAT for free shipping! Yay for perks!

Black Friday

We have a confession to make.
We are a small business that is a very tiny part of the Black Friday machine.  We have cards in Target.  That’s no secret.  We’re incredibly proud of that (it took us a long time to get to this point)- in fact, we should be talking about it more!  But it’s hard to slip that into conversation with a bride who is debating between “blush” and “rose petal” that we just happen to be a line carried at one of the biggest retailers in the country.

But tomorrow, now tomorrow… that’s another story.  For the first time, we have a 6-card HOLIDAY CARD series being featured at Target (cue the music, it’s kind of a big deal).  We’re pretty excited.  The line is called “Laughing all the Way” (we have a title too!), and it’s in a special display in the card aisle (a display! What. Is. Happening?).  You can’t miss it!

So we’d absolutely love it if while you are enjoying the holiday music, pounding the pavement and getting some smoking hot deals at the big stores… that you maybe support some of us little guys by doing the following:

1– If at Target, buy a card or two of these:

2– Alright, you don’t have to, we’re not a charity case.  But if you’re there… read them and laugh REALLY LOUD. Peer pressure is awesome.
3. But you shouldn’t forget about the mom & pop stores on Small Business Saturday. Of course we have even more Christmas and Hanukkah cards available at our own retail space. Have we mentioned Shop 1021? More to come soon….


Trading Squares… Leaving Lincoln for Logan!

2650 N. Milwaukee = Shop 1021 = Spilled Ink Press’s new home

Well, if you’re following us on Facebook or see our excitement that occasionally bubbles through the twitter feed, you kind of have an inkling what’s happening at Spilled Ink Press headquarters these days.

But if not, we’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do…
The short answer is, we’re moving to Logan Square!
The long answer involves twitter chatter about the Bears last fall catching the attention of a pretty awesome Toy-store owner and subsequent Packer’s fan in Logan Square.  We started following each other because of our mutual involvement with the 2011 Crave Book.  You know, we got that female-owned-business thing going for us, we’re just cool like that.

Well, turns out Ann, before-mentioned owner of *Play, was cooking up a plan to open a rad home and gift store just up the street from *Play at 2650 N Milwaukee in the hottest neighborhood in Chicago, Logan Square, and asked us if we’d like to sell our cards there.
We get so caught up with the wedding side of what we do, we jumped at this opportunity and were flattered actually.
The conversation grew from there and as of one week from yesterday (June 2nd!), we’ll be operating our little stationery gig out of Shop 1021 itself- the whole shebang: wedding invitations, greeting cards, thank you cards, shower invitations, baby announcements, etc.
Tony will still be slaving away at the invitation sweatshop, but because I’ll be camped out at Shop 1021 quite a bit, we decided to move the sweatshop to Logan Square as well.  So in the next few weeks, we will bid a very fond farewell to Lincoln Square and trade the Davis Theater on Lincoln for the newly reopened Logan Theater (who is going to be our neighbor- literally right next door to the shop!) on Milwaukee.

We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Ann under the Shop 1021 umbrella, she’s done an amazing job with the entire concept and vibe of the store.  Even the facebook banner is cool:

Seriously, we’re pinching ourselves.

So that’s the story folks.
After June 2nd, if you are a blushing bride and would like to set up a consultation to meet with me to discuss invitations… we’ll be sharing a cup of coffee or tea over the official Spilled Ink Press consultation desk at 2650 N. Milwaukee (it’s a pretty cool vintage desk, if I do say so).  If you’d like to just pop into the store and see what we’ve got to offer and peruse before setting up an appointment, hallelujah, you can do that now!
When that call comes to us (which does probably about once a week) asking what our “hours” are… guess what?  We’ll officially have an answer for you!!
When you see our cards on Facebook and they make you smile and you want to know where to buy them…  guess what?  We have an answer for that too!
And after Tony’s made your invitations with care, they’ll be waiting for your anxious arrival at Shop 1021.

Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting us over the last 6 years as we move through the growing pains and joys of a growing small company (particularly The Perfect Cup- seriously, if you’re in Lincoln Square, that’s the coffee shop you want to be at).  Being in a retail setting will have it’s own adjustments that we’ll learn and grow from too, no doubt about it, but everything about this feels right.

NOW… back to work.  This is beginning to sound like an acceptance speech…