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Small Business Saturday“… we’re big fans.  Right now, Spilled Ink Press is a 2 person + a cat operation, so it couldn’t get much smaller- and the little guys like us need the loving support of our adoring public (that’s the way we like to think of you- let us have our fantasy).

So here’s how it works- I’ll give you the Logan Square version for reference…
On Small Business Saturday- this year November 24th, you wake up at a leisurely hour.  No need to set an alarm for 4AM or some god-forsaken hour like that.  Take your time getting ready, you deserve this day.  Feel good about it.
Then mosey over to your local (non-Starbucks, sorry) coffee shop and enjoy a cup of amazing fresh brewed coffee… or tea… or hot chocolate.
That could be my new favorite place Gaslight Coffee Roasters, or New Wave, or Cafe Mustache.
Alrighty, feeling good and caffeinated.

Then comes the fun part- SHOP SMALL, SHOP LOCAL!  Plan your route.  Take your time.  Smile at your neighbors on the street and say hello to the shop owner when you walk in.  They love you. They need you. Feel the love.

Your first stop in Logan Square? Well, Shop 1021, of course. There is literally a corner of the store for every type of person you know.  There’s the cooking section with amazing gadgets and cookbooks.  There’s the travel section with awesome maps and books about far away places and local dive bars.  There’s the bar section with whiskey stones, the perfect glasses, cocktail cookbooks, and unique wine bottle openers.  There’s the kids section with organic toys and bibs and blankets (even the Go the F*ck to Sleep book… which makes many a customer giggle). There’s the office section with interesting books on fonts (my favorite) and cool sketch books and notecards.  There’s the pet’s section, the Chicago section, the lotion and soaps section… seriously, it kind of rocks.

And THEN.  Then there’s the cards.  The 2 doors by the register are our favorite, but we’re biased, those are ours.  You’ll know by the amount of hysterics happening when people read them.  There’s also a section of cards written by comedians, so ok, those are pretty funny too.  And then there is a plethora of cards from local letterpress designers alike.

After you’ve purchased some gifts for the adults in your life, then you head on over to *Play, which has almost any gift you could want for the kiddo’s.

After *Play, you can pop into Fleur, which smells divine when you walk in because it’s a boutique flower shop.  Pick up some amazing flowers, and an eclectic gift or two for the botanic lover in your life.

And by now, surely you’re hungry… so treat yourself to lunch at Dunlays on the Square.  Save room for dessert though and then head over to Bang Bang Pie Shop on California.  Seriously, you won’t regret it.

Whew. That’s a day right there.
If when you get home, you realize you forgot something out at the brick and mortar shops– do NOT hesitate to check out Etsy.
And for those of you NOT in Chicago, not in Logan Square… please check out our Etsy shop here, and use the discount code SIPSMALLBIZSAT for free shipping! Yay for perks!

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